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Two in a Boat - A Marital Voyage
Gwyneth Lewis
ISBN: 9780007120635 (000712063X)Dyddiad Cyhoeddi Mai 2005
Cyhoeddwr: HarperCollins, Llundain
Fformat: Clawr Caled, 224x142 mm, 298 tudalen Iaith: Saesneg Ar gael Ein Pris: £16.99 
Does dim Adolygiad Cwsmer i'r teitl hwn.
Ysgrifennwch Adolygiad Cwsmer
Hanes difyr profiadau'r awdures a'i gwr ar fordaith yn eu cwch bach, yn cofnodi newidiadau yn eu perthynas ac yn adlewyrchu gobaith a doethineb yn wyneb tensiynau personol a thrychinebau ymarferol.

An entertaining account of the experiences of the author and her husband on a voyage on a small yacht, recording changes in their relationship and reflecting optimism and wisdom in the face of personal tensions and practical catastrophes.
Gwyneth Lewis is one of the most original and vibrant poets on the British literary scene. But as readers of Sunbathing in the Rain will know, she is also a very considerable prose writer. Two in a Boat is subtitled ‘A Marital Voyage’ and it too makes compulsive reading.

Gwyneth and her husband Leighton, a former bosun in the Merchant Navy, decided to undertake an extensive voyage in their yacht, but they were starting from scratch and were learning the basic rudiments of safe sailing in their small craft. There were times when this proved disastrous, and Gwyneth began to be increasingly concerned about Leighton’s rages, and quickly nicknamed him Captain Bastard.

The voyage proved to be one of extreme trial and error and these are described with candour and humour. Even when Leighton discovers that he is seriously ill with a grade four lymphoma, Gwyneth’s spirits do not flag. There were times when getting in to port seemed the most difficult thing in the world but, as always, Gwyneth reveals her bravery and enterprise.

I loved the anecdotage, particularly the tale of the mariner who spent years building his own boat. However, he was totally incapable of sailing it and could not even use a compass. The cost to the Lifeboat service was phenomenal!

But the impact of Two in a Boat for many readers will lie in its testimony of marital love. One feels that despite the tremendous difficulties which Gwyneth and Leighton experienced on their voyage they have discovered new reserves of strength in each other. This is the most life affirming work I have read for quite some time.

Dewi Roberts

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Gwybodaeth Bellach:
Two in a Boat
Hardly a Cooke or a Bougainville, Gwyneth Lewis, together with husband Leighton, embarks on a perilous sea journey from Cardiff aboard the Jameeleh, a single-mast yacht, their destination Brazil. Her Two in a Boat is no meticilous captain's logbook, but rather a diary of the luckless deckhand whose recurring seasickness and utter inexperience of things maritime threaten to scupper not only the voyage of a lifetime but a marriage which has only recently felt the strain of the author's prolonged depression. But perhaps the boundless sea is just the place for two souls to be thrown together to survive on their wits and sang-froid. These they certainly need, for, in Two in a Boat, what may go wrong will go wrong. The initial obstacles, while potentially life endangering - near collisions with rocks and enormous ships - seem trivial if only because inevitable. And any accidents in the Bristol Channel would bring the coastguard to the rescue in boat and helicopter alike. But weathering storms deep in the Bay of Biscay or of the northwestern tip of Galicia is a matter more urgent by far. Yet the hostile elements and seething waters become metaphors for inner struggles which mark people's lives. The notions of direction, drifting and changing course are familiar to all who have had to reassess their journey through life and take action, perhaps drastic, to steer themselves to a place of safe anchorage. For Gwyneth and Leighton however, it seems such a place is beyond their grasp. Why does loving husband turn tyrant and bully when the wind gets up? They find a likely answer in a clinic in southern Portugal: the skipper is diagnosed with cancer of the lymph glands. Treatment ensues, and a return to Wales, where the couple, luckless perhaps, but blessed with each other's love, face the next chapter in a world where, fight it or acept it, 'turbulence is a constant.'
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