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Dod o Hyd i Siop Lyfrau
Gwybodaeth Lyfryddol
Castles in the Air
Judy Corbett
ISBN: 9780091891787 (0091891787)Dyddiad Cyhoeddi Mawrth 2004
Cyhoeddwr: Ebury Press, Llundain
Fformat: Clawr Caled, 222x144 mm, 320 tudalen Iaith: Saesneg Allan o brint Ein Pris: £12.99   
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Ysgrifennwch Adolygiad Cwsmer
Stori hynod ramantus llafur cariad llwyddiannus yr awdures a'i gŵr wrth iddynt ymdrechu'n ariannol ac yn emosiynol er mwyn adfer eu cartref adfeiliedig, Castell Gwydir, i'w hen ogoniant.

The romantic story of the successful labour of love of the author and her husband as they struggle financially and emotionally to restore their home, the crumbling ruin of Gwydir Castle, to its former glory.
Gwydyr Castle is situated near Llanrwst in the Conwy Valley and was the family seat of the Wynn dynasty who played such an important role in the history of north Wales in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Probably the best known member of the family was Sir John Wynn, a notorious character who even now occupies a place in the folklore of the region. The castle is not a fortification in any sense but rather an example of the aristocratic mansion of the period.

The colourful nature of its history continued into the twentieth century and this utterly delightful book relates how, in the face of all the odds, the author and her husband set about carrying out such highly ambitious renovation work on the building that their friends felt that they may have taken leave of their senses. But they confounded all the sceptics and eventually created order out of chaos. Just how they performed this feat makes engrossing and frequently highly amusing reading.

The discovery of a sale catalogue relating to a sale at Gwydyr in 1921 created tremendous excitement. They found that the panelling of an entire room, together with all the items of precious furniture, had been shipped to America. Further investigation revealed that the purchaser was none other than William Randolph Hearst, the powerful newspaper tycoon who became the basis for the character of Citizen Kane in Orson Welles's classic film of that name. The items were eventually traced to the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The account of the negotiations to enable these to be returned to their natural home makes absorbing reading.

Judy Corbett is an extremely able and fluent writer with a wonderful light touch. In fact I would say that she is probably incapable of writing a dull sentence. She has also been well served by her publisher, for this is a beautifully designed book which is a pleasure to handle.

Dewi Roberts

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