Hafan Llyfrau Basged Man Talu Fy Nghyfrif Cymorth Cynigion Arbennig Cysylltu   English  
Dod o Hyd i Siop Lyfrau
Gwybodaeth Lyfryddol
Judy Corbett
ISBN: 9780091910648 (0091910641)Dyddiad Cyhoeddi Awst 2007
Cyhoeddwr: Ebury Press, Llundain
Fformat: Clawr Caled, 240 tudalen Iaith: Saesneg Archebir yn ōl y galw Ein Pris: £12.99   
Does dim Adolygiad Cwsmer i'r teitl hwn.
Ysgrifennwch Adolygiad Cwsmer
Nofel yn llawn tyndra sy'n cynnwys awgrymiadau o angerdd, rhywioldeb a brad - y mae'n barodi diddorol o nofelau tebyg sy'n sôn am y profiad o ddod i oed. Gan awdur Castles in the Air.

A shocking novel full of suspenses with undertones of heat, sexuality and betrayal - it is a dark twist on the coming-of-age novel. By the acclaimed author of Castles in the Air.
Two teenage girls meet, a relationship develops and the reader takes an extraordinary ride along with the narrator Diane, who, as one of the girls, suffers from what in today's lingo we would call a personality disorder. Her black thoughts and treacherous moods stand out on every page, as we watch her destroy all those who come into contact with her.

Born of humble village stock, she is attracted to Isabel, the young girl who seems to have everything – exceptional looks, cleverness, an adoring family and, what is more, they live in Critchley Hall. Diane wants it all for herself. Academically extremely bright and extraordinarily manipulative, she weedles her way, not only into Isabel's affections, but into those of Isabel's mother, whose admiration of Diane is such that she sees her as a suitable companion for her adored only child. Diane moves into Critchley Hall; then the psychological drama of Corbett's novel really begins to unfold.

Envy is a well-constructed first novel, mind-bending as it is absorbing, with some beautifully written descriptive prose, although perhaps a little too enthusiastic in the use of similes.

A worthwhile read.

Norma Penfold

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