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New Selected Poems
Dannie Abse
ISBN: 9780091931155 (0091931150)Dyddiad Cyhoeddi Mai 2009
Cyhoeddwr: Random House, Llundain
Fformat: Clawr Meddal, 216x135 mm, 192 tudalen Iaith: Saesneg Ar gael Ein Pris: £12.99 
Does dim Adolygiad Cwsmer i'r teitl hwn.
Ysgrifennwch Adolygiad Cwsmer
Casgliad cynhwysfawr o gerddi Dannie Abse. Rhagair gan Anthony Whittome. Mae 2009 yn garreg filltir i Dannie Abse; trigain mlynedd yn ôl y cyhoeddwyd ei gasgliad cyntaf o farddoniaeth, After Every Green Thing, ac oddi ar y casgliad hwnnw, mae wedi ysgrifennu amrediad eang o lyfrau, yn cynnwys cerddi, ffuglen, beirniadaeth lenyddol a hunangofiant.

A comprehensive collection of the poetry of Dannie Abse. Foreword by Anthony Whittome. The year 2009 marks the 60th anniversary of the publication of Dannie Abse's first poetry collection, After Every Green Thing, and since that time he has published an astonishing range of books, including poetry, fiction, criticism and autobiography.
There cannot be many poets, even now, who have been publishing new poetry regularly across 60 years (not to mention also editing, writing plays, novels and non-fiction, and practicing as a doctor through most of that time). Spanning such a range of work in under 200 pages, it is inevitable that readers will miss some of their favourites but this is the poet's own selection, charting his long life's experience, dilemmas and doubts. In the selection, themes and features emerge clearly: the long love story of his life with (and now without) Joan; his religious scepticism running alongside his awareness of his inherited Jewish culture (which is complicated by his medical experience); his humour and above all his undimmed sense of wonder.

From his early writing (showing Thomas's influence) to his latest poems of mourning (which have echoes of Yeats) he has produced lyrics of great beauty. He can master elaborate forms but in ‘A Prescription’ he warns one obsessed with technique to open himself to real experience of both the mountains and the mundane. He writes with awareness of literary forebears; invoking Ovid, Eliot, Rilke and the Welsh masters (producing a fine version of the ‘Lament of Heledd’) but only as one continuing the endeavour and the references are never too reverent. Some of the earliest poems speak of the duality of his life and part of this is distilled in the lyric ‘White Coat, Purple Coat’.

Some of his longer poems are gathered in the last section (after ‘Valediction’) and so out of sequence. A few are more riddling and obscure than most of his work but ‘The Smile Was’ and ‘Carnal Knowledge’ (both drawing on his clinical experience) are very powerful.

Predominately, however, Dannie Abse gives us lucid, almost casual but condensed insights – anecdotes and snatches of conversation, moments of revelation – from an artist who has always paid attention to the world around him and can so memorably distil and share his quest and his discoveries with us.

Caroline Clark

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