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Winterton Blue
Trezza Azzopardi
ISBN: 9780330464659 (0330464655)Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: Medi 2008  Cyhoeddwr: Picador
Fformat: E-lyfr Iaith: Saesneg  
Mae'n ymddangos eich bod yn edrych ar y wefan hon ar gyfrifiadur yn Unol Daleithiau America. Mae'n ddrwg gennym, ond nid yw'r cyhoeddwr yn caniatáu i ni werthu'r llyfr hwn ar ffurf e-lyfr i'r wlad hon.
Does dim Adolygiad Cwsmer i'r teitl hwn.
Ysgrifennwch Adolygiad Cwsmer
Mae sawl peth yn aflonyddu ar Lewis - yr atgof am ei frawd, car wedi'i ddwyn ac afon yn ei llif, ac yn bennaf oll y bachgen oedd wrth y llyw. Caiff Anna ei dychryn hefyd, ond mae'r hyn sy'n aflonyddu arni hi yn dal yn fyw.

Lewis is haunted by the memory of his brother, by a stolen car and a river running full, and most of all by the boy at the wheel. Anna is haunted too, but her ghost is very much alive.
Trezza Azzopardi’s first novel, The Hiding Place, was short-listed for the Booker Prize in 2000; this third novel has been long-listed for the Wales Book of the Year 2008 and, despite some stiff competition, has to be a strong contender.

'Winterton Blue' is a colour, the very specific blue of the water of the sea at a particular time and place, at a shared turning point in several of the characters’ lives. Blue is the colour of water and of melancholy – physical and psychic elements that flow through this novel and are reflected in Azzopardi’s limpid prose and vivid evocations of the ever-shifting moods of the North Sea as it meets the Norfolk coast.

Lewis and Anna are troubled souls locked into self-destructive behavioural patterns by childhood experiences. At the age of fifteen, Lewis survived a car accident in which his twin brother died. He has never forgiven anyone: the other youngster who was driving the car, his mother whom he believes loved his brother more than him, or – most importantly – himself. Anna’s beloved yet imperfect father died when she was seven. She has drifted in and out of bad relationships, rejects a man who clearly loves her well, and despises her life-loving, 76-year-old mother Rita. Drawn by different forces, the battered pair make their separate pilgrimages to Yarmouth, where they finally meet in Rita’s rather eccentric guest house.

There are enough twists and turns, mysteries and surprises to make this novel a satisfying page-turner. And the writing is flawless. But Winterton Blue is also a profound tale of loss and redemption. At the end, when Anna is contemplating her cliff-edge garden, she accepts that ‘inch by inch she is reclaiming this land, as inch by inch the sea will take it away. Nothing lasts forever, Lewis had told her, but all Anna wants is to borrow a small piece of it, for a while.’ Earth and water, melancholy and acceptance – conflicting yet complementary forces that Azzopardi holds in delicate balance in a book that is infused with compassion and a quiet faith.

Suzy Ceulan Hughes

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Bywgraffiad Awdur:
Trezza Azzopardi was born in Cardiff and lives in Norwich. The Hiding Place, her first novel, was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 2000.
Gwybodaeth Bellach:
Lewis is haunted by the memory of his brother, by a stolen car and a river running full, and most of all by the boy at the wheel. Anna is haunted too, but her ghost is very much alive. Rita, Anna’s mother, is the exact opposite of her daughter – loud, carefree, and a daredevil, at seventy-six. When Rita suffers a fall, Anna must leave London and spend the winter looking after her mother in Yarmouth. As they search for solutions to their problems, Anna and Lewis find themselves having to face troubling truths about who they are and what they might become – with electrifying consequences.

‘Subtle and forceful . . . [A] finely judged and emotionally intricate novel’

‘Artful . . . Beguiling . . . A novel marked by poetic delicacy . . . Azzopardi has a gift for characterization – a magpie-eye for the human spark – and equally for the humanity of things’
Times Literary Supplement

‘Limpid prose . . . [A] lyrical sense of place . . .Startling and arresting . . .Unlikely urban sites take on a fierce and mysterious beauty in Azzopardi’s hands’
Irish Times

'Here’s proof, if anyone needs it, that the best writing does not need to be inaccessible . . . [Winterton Blue] has the . . . strange, captivating quality of real life shot through with poetry . . . Beautifully evoked’
The Times

'Intricate, quietly brilliant . . . Some haunting snapshots of contemporary Britain . . . A vivid, sensuous rendition of the Norfolk coast’
Daily Telegraph

‘Funny, bizarre and addictive’
Does dim Adolygiad Cwsmer, hyd yma, i'r llyfr hwn.
Rhagor o Deitlau
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