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Gwybodaeth Lyfryddol
Sun and Storm and Other Stories
Kate Roberts
ISBN: 9780707403472 (0707403472)Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: Ionawr 2001  Cyhoeddwr: Carolyn Watcyn
Addaswyd/Cyfieithwyd gan Carolyn Watcyn.Fformat: Clawr Meddal, 215x150 mm, 66 tudalen Iaith: Saesneg Archebir yn ôl y galw Ein Pris: £5.00   
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Cyfieithiad Saesneg o Haul a Drycin, casgliad o chwe stori fer gan Kate Roberts (1891-1985), yn portreadu gofidiau a gobeithion merched amrywiol o gyfnod ieuenctid i henaint, mewn gwlad a thref ar ddechrau'r 20fed ganrif, gyda'r tair stori gyntaf yn sôn am gymeriadau o'r nofel boblogaidd Te yn y Grug.

An English translation of Haul a Drycin, a collection of six short stories by Kate Roberts (1891-1985), portraying the worries and hopes of various females, from teenage to old age, living in both town and country at the beginning of the 20th century, the first three stories relating to characters from the popular novel Te yn y Grug.
Kate Roberts’s last published volume, Haul a Drycin, which appeared in 1981, is a collection of short stories which had previously appeared in various magazines. In her brief introduction to the original book she remarks that illness prevents her from further writing and that it seems convenient for her final six stories to be published together in one small volume.

In spite of their diverse origins these stories have one common feature. The principal characters are women, ranging in age from sixteen to, probably, eighty. But these are not the strong women, the powerful matriarchs, typical of so many of Kate Roberts’s stories – there is no Jane Gruffydd here. These women are unsure of themselves, in need of support to help them face the future.

A criticism often levied against Kate Roberts’s stories is that they are full of sadness and hopelessness. While this is partly true of all the stories in this collection, each one does manage to end on a brighter note.

In the first three we again meet Winni Ffinni Hadog whom we remember from Tea in the Heather, published in 1959 and Kate Roberts’s own favourite among her writings. Winni has left her drunken father and her slut of a stepmother and is now finding her own way in life working as a maid. At the start of the first story she is immature and uncertain of herself, ‘The trials of life were closing around Winni’, but during the course of the three stories, with help from her employers and friends, Winni grows up, ‘Winni looked ahead to the future’.

The three remaining stories also tell of women facing uncertainty – a quarryman’s wife setting out on marriage, a woman suffering from depression resulting from unemployment in the family, and a woman in old age, in hospital recovering from an unspecified illness. All three have experienced hardships but,like Winni,they can look ahead to a better future. After the storm there comes, for all of them, at least a ray of sunshine.

The translator, Carolyn Watcyn, has wisely changed the order of the stories from the original. This has the twofold advantage of placing them in chronological order of their setting and also begins with the youngest character and moves on to the oldest.

The translation, which is eminently readable, follows the original very closely and easily conveys the essence and style of Kate Roberts’s original writing. With an introduction by Professor Gwyn Thomas and helpful notes from the translator, this small volume succeeds in bringing these little-known stories to a wider public.

Stan Jenkins

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