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Cricket in Wales – An Illustrated History
Andrew Hignell
ISBN: 9780708321645 (070832164X)Dyddiad Cyhoeddi Tachwedd 2008
Cyhoeddwr: Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru / University of Wales Press, Caerdydd
Fformat: Clawr Meddal, 244x172 mm, 234 tudalen Iaith: Saesneg Ar gael Pris Llawn: £7.99 
Ein Pris: £4.99 
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Does dim Adolygiad Cwsmer i'r teitl hwn.
Ysgrifennwch Adolygiad Cwsmer
Mae'r gyfrol hon yn cynnig hanes darluniadol o griced yng Nghymru. Mae'n olrhain datblygiad y gêm a'i rôl sylfaenol yn niwylliant a hanes cymdeithasol y wlad. Ymddengys taw criced oedd y gêm gyntaf ar gyfer timoedd i'w chwarae yng Nghymru, gyda'r cofnod cynharaf yn dyddio 'nôl i 1783.

This book is an illustrated history of cricket in Wales, tracing the evolution of, and the fundamental role of the game in the culture and social history of the Principality. Indeed, cricket was the first team game to be played in Wales, with the first record of a match taking place dating back to 1783.
Andrew Hignell, Education and Heritage Manager at Glamorgan Cricket, is a prolific cricket historian with over a dozen books published. In this authoritative work he begins with the early years of cricket in Wales then concentrates inevitably on the development of Glamorgan cricket.

Dividing the period into nine stages from 1760 to the present, the early years are those of occasional fixtures and gentlemen’s teams with the twentieth century the period that saw today’s clubs and county develop.

1783 is the first reference to a cricket game played at Court Henry Down at Cross Inn on the Llandeilo/Carmarthen road. Games then were played for money and lavishly hosted. At Golden Grove the Vaughans purchased 29 casks of ale and an incredible £55 worth of wine in 1785. The gentlemen participants were ‘more adept at quickstep and waltz than the off drive’. Large estates at Beaufort, Marchwiel and Gogerddan helped establish the game in their areas.

Railway growth saw a slow spread of the game. Swansea to Carmarthen by stage coach previously took 5 hours. This and the patronage of early industrialists, such as Viivians and Linseys in Swansea, increased participation with workingmen’s teams. But public schools and gentry dominated. Carmarthen in 1864 became the first County side – ‘No tradesmen or working class admitted’ read its constitution.

From the 1870s came the growth of club sides known today and the establishment of Glamorgan in 1888 as a minor county. In 1921 it joined the County Circuit as a professional Club. These were the years of Norman Riches in the ‘20s, Maurice Turnbull in the ‘30s, J. C. Clay who even turned out in the first championship season in 1948. Each decade is recalled and its highlights detailed, 1948, 1069, 1997 – County Championships; 1977, 1993 2000 – famous one-day encounters.

The names etched in our memories, Emrys and Dai Davies, Willie Jones, Gilbert Parkhouse, Alan Jones, Allan Watkins, Don Shepherd with his 2218 wickets, the leadership of Wilf Wooller, Tony Lewis, the England caps for Allan Watkins, Gilbert Parkhouse, Jim McConnon, Tony Lewis, Peter Walker, Steve Watkin and Robert Croft. Not forgotten are the village sides Gowerton, Ynysygerwn, St. Fagans, Ynystawe and the efforts of Tom Cartwright at grass roots level.

This is a well researched and written account of cricket’s evolution from recreational to commercial, local to international.

Geoffrey Edwards

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Bywgraffiad Awdur:
Dr. Andrew Hignell is Heritage and Education Manager at Glamorgan Cricket. He has written numerous books on cricket, including a research-based title A "Favorit" Game – Cricket in South Wales since 1914 for UWP. He is also Editor of the Cricket Society Journal and is a regular contributor to The Wisden Cricketer Magazine, The Cricket Statistician and The Journal of the British Society of Sports History.
Gwybodaeth Bellach:
‘This is a most interesting book which covers the development of the game of cricket in Wales from its very early days right up to the present. The story which it tells will certainly be enjoyed by Welsh cricket lovers. At the end there are some 50 photographs of various cricket teams ranging from Builth Wells circa 1860 to Glamorgan Totesport Champions in 2004. These show a wondrous variety of poses, hairstyles, hats, caps and blazers of all descriptions. An admirable way to close a comprehensive history of the game which has given pleasure to many.’
Griffith Philipps, Cambria

This book is an illustrated history of cricket in Wales, tracing the evolution of, and the fundamental role of the game in the culture and social history of the Country. Indeed, cricket was the first team game to be played in Wales, with the first record of a match taking place dating back to 1783.

During the 19th century its development helped to unite communities, and provide a common bond for the people of diverse origins who had found their way to the booming towns and cities. Cricket also had a special place in the rural communities, with games being played at folk festivals and other gatherings, and this book illustrates how these informal games, as well as the successes of Glamorgan CCC and other Welsh teams, have brought great pride and joy to the nation.
Does dim Adolygiad Cwsmer, hyd yma, i'r llyfr hwn.
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