Hafan Llyfrau Basged Man Talu Fy Nghyfrif Cymorth Cynigion Arbennig Cysylltu   English  
Dod o Hyd i Siop Lyfrau
Gwybodaeth Lyfryddol
Welsh Coast, The
Peter Watson
ISBN: 9780711231115 (0711231117)Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: Rhagfyr 2010††Cyhoeddwr: Frances Lincoln
Fformat: Clawr Caled, 275x260 mm, 112 tudalen Iaith: Saesneg Ar gael Ein Pris: £16.99 
Does dim Adolygiad Cwsmer i'r teitl hwn.
Ysgrifennwch Adolygiad Cwsmer
Mae arfordir Cymru yn hardd, yn ddramatig ac yn amrywiol, gyda chestyll a thraethau i'w gweld ar hyd-ddo. Ceir yn y gyfrol hon ffotograffau trawiadol gan Peter Watson sy'n portreadu'r arfordir o Aber Dyfrdwy ac Ynys Môn yn y gogledd i fae Caerdydd a Chasnewydd yn y de, yn ogystal â Bae Ceredigion ac arfordiroedd sir Benfro a Gŵyr.

From castles in the sand to castles on a cliff-top, the Welsh coast is as beautiful and dramatic as it is diverse. Photographer Peter Watson captures the visual delights of this twisting and endlessly varied coastline, from the Dee Estuary and Anglesey in the north to the bays around Cardiff and Newport in the south by way of Cardigan Bay, and the Pembrokeshire and Gower Coasts.
Photography is foremost in this delightful study of the coast of Wales. Peter Watson starts on the Dee estuary, and travels anti-clockwise around the coast. He patiently seeks out times when the light and cloudscapes are at their best for creating arresting and always beautiful images. This means that many of the pictures are taken at dawn or dusk, and mostly in the winter. The text is minimal, and very little interpretation of the images is attempted. Watson concentrates on telling us how and why he arrived at his compositions.

The results are compelling. As well as making us want to be in the places photographed, his intimate studies of rocks and groynes, and the textures and patterns of the shores, pull the viewer in, and are often mesmeric, so that minutes can pass in the contemplation of one photograph. The book is far from a travelogue, and the absence of people, birds or even livestock can create a certain whimsicality, as if the landscape were designed, like wallpaper, rather than echoing the lives and work of people over the millennia. On the whole these are vignettes that were selected for intrinsic artistic and visual appeal, rather than reflecting the living experience of being on the Welsh coast. An unusually large number of the pictures are spectacular sunsets, a reminder of one of the delights of the Welsh shoreline.

This well-designed hardback volume provides an inspiring record of the amazing diversity of the coastline of Wales. It is a book to return to time and again, and you will make your own intriguing and different interpretations with each viewing.

Richard Hartnup

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