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Gwybodaeth Lyfryddol
About Elin
Jackie Davies
ISBN: 9781870206891 (1870206894)Dyddiad Cyhoeddi Medi 2007
Cyhoeddwr: Honno, Aberystwyth
Fformat: Clawr Meddal, 198x129 mm, 320 tudalen Iaith: Saesneg Allan o brint Ein Pris: £6.99   
Does dim Adolygiad Cwsmer i'r teitl hwn.
Ysgrifennwch Adolygiad Cwsmer
Llyfr Saesneg y Mis: Hydref 2007
Mae Elin Pritchard, cyn-genedlaetholwraig danbaid yn dychwelyd adref ar gyfer angladd ei brawd. Mae pob math o deimladau yn dod i'r amlwg ynghyd ag atgofion, ei rhai personol a rhai cymuned gyfan. Nofel afaelgar am gariad, colled a chipolwg ar ddigwyddiadau plentyndod sy'n cael effaith ddofn ar fywyd yn ddiweddarach.

Elin Pritchard, ex-firebrand, ex-Welsh nationalist, is back home for her brother's funeral. Returning brings all sorts of emotions to the fore, good and bad memories, her own and those of the community she left behind. A haunting novel of love and loss, charged with insights into the childhood traumas that shape a life.
Born and brought up in a small village in North Wales, Elin Pritchard is now 55 and a high-flying lawyer in the City. She has not been home for twenty years, failing even to attend her parentsí funerals. Reviled by many of the villagers for having abandoned her family and her roots, Elin is still adored and respected by her older brother, Gareth, with whom she has always kept in close contact. When Gareth dies suddenly of a heart attack, Elin returns to the village for his funeral and to help his wife sort out his affairs.

I was initially concerned that Jackie Davies had hinted at her main characterís secret rather too soon and that the narrative would therefore lack impulsion. I was wrong. Having been allowed to guess the secret, the reader is actually able to relax and take in the slow unfolding of Elinís story with a quiet mind. As each character in turn picks up the narrative thread, we see Elin and her behaviour from different perspectives and in varying lights; sometimes we like what we see, sometimes we do not; gradually she emerges as a very real human being and, as we learn about her past and present, so we come to care about her future.

About Elin is a gentle, pleasing read, with a set of characters with whom we can readily engage and empathise. It is a book rich in quiet observation – of individuals, families, communities; of cause and effect and chance in our lives; of how we deal with grief, bereavement and loss. Jackie Davies successfully captures and conveys the touching vulnerability and self-doubt of people in mid-life, particularly in the wake of a close bereavement. Softly, she invites thought and contemplation without leaving you feeling racked at the end – a humane and non-judgmental voice that is worth listening to.

Suzy Ceulan Hughes

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Gwybodaeth Bellach:
Elin Pritchard, ex-firebrand, ex-Welsh Nationalist, is back home for her brother's funeral. Returning brings all sorts of emotions to the fore, memories good and bad, her own and those of the community she left behind. The neat, tidy, be-suited redhead in the second pew passes almost unrecognised at first, so different is the woman from the girl. Also present is another redhead, a young man, eerily like the deceased in looks and bearing - but who is he, whose secrets does he carry in every fibre of his being...?
As each of the mourners loses themselves in thoughts of Gareth Pritchard and his family, a picture begins to emerge of the girl Elin used to be and the woman she is now, and of the future she might now be brave enough to face, even without the support of her beloved big brother.
Does dim Adolygiad Cwsmer, hyd yma, i'r llyfr hwn.
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