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Bibliographical Information
Cyfres y Cewri: 35. Tannau Tynion
Elinor Bennett Wigley
ISBN: 9780860742777 (0860742776)Publication Date November 2011
Publisher: Gwasg Gwynedd, Pwllheli
Format: Paperback, 182x123 mm, 276 pages Language: Welsh Available Our Price: £9.95 
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In Tannau Tynion, the latest in Gwasg Gwynedd's popular Cyfres y Cewri series, the author, renowned harpist and wife of former Plaid Cymru President Dafydd Wigley, takes the reader on a journey in her unique writing style from Montgomeryshire to Llanuwchllyn, Aberystwyth to London, Merthyr to Bontnewydd in Arfon, and to the international stage.

Cawn ein tywys gan yr awdur - y delynores enwog a gwraig cyn-lywydd Plaid Cymru, Dafydd Wigley - o Faldwyn i Lanuwchllyn, Aberystwyth i Lundain, o Ferthyr i'r Bontnewydd yn Arfon, ac i lwyfannau'r byd, a hynny yn ei harddull fyrlymus ei hun. Mae ganddi stori werth ei hadrodd.
Y delynores ar athrawes delyn adnabyddus Elinor Bennett Wigley sy'n adrodd ei hanes yng nghyfrol ddiweddaraf Cyfres y Cewri. Mae ei gŵr, Dafydd Wigley, wedi adrodd ei hanes eisoes mewn tair cyfrol yn y gyfres, ond dyma fwrw golwg arall ar y stori, ac mae hynny ynddoi hun yn ddifyr a diddorol. Calon emosiynol yr hunangofiant yw hanes Elinor fel mam. Maen anodd dirnad na dychymygu sut y chwalwyd ei byd pan ddaeth yn amlwg fod dau oi phlant, Alun a Geraint, yn dioddef o glefyd etifeddol nad oedd gwella iddo. Roedd clywed y newydd am ei phlant, wrth ei gŵr ddechrau ar ymgyrch etholiadol fawr a fyddai yn ei anfon i Lundain, yn ergyd enbydus o anodd. Ond roedd gweld y clefyd yn eu dwyn oddi arni yn araf bach, a hwythau yn eu harddegau, yn brofiad na fyddai neb yn ei chwennych. Maer hanes yn cael ei adrodd yn dyner ar cariad ar gofal yn disgleirio rhwng y llinellau.

Ond cyfrol am gerddor yn ogystal mam yw hon, er fei temtiwyd i feysydd eraill hefyd. Y gyfraith oedd un llwybr posibl. Graddiodd yn y gyfraith yn Aberystwyth a dechreuodd ar gwrs pellach yn Guilford, ond daeth cerddoriaeth ar Academi Gerdd Frenhinol iw hudo or llys barn. Ym Merthyr daeth gwleidyddiaeth iw denu hithau, fel Dafydd Wigley; fei hetholwyd yn gynghorydd a bun daer dros yr ymdrech i sefydlu ysgol Gymraeg yn yr ardal. Ond roedd cerddoriaeth yn galw o hyd. Roedd bod yn fam i bedwar o blant hefyd yn arafu datblygiad unrhyw yrfa, ond yn rhyfedd iawn, rhoddodd colli Alun a Geraint hwb ychwanegol iddi, a throes cerddoriaeth yn therapi yn ogystal gyrfa iddi. Wedi collir ddau, trodd ei hegni at ddatblygu therapi cerdd, perfformio a chomisiynu gweithiau newydd ir delyn a sefydlu mannau lle gallai cerddorion ifanc ffynnu. A dyma, felly, eni Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias.

Mae hon yn gyfrol sydd yn adlewyrchu cymeriad bywiog a brwdfrydig yr awdur. Daw dygnwch Elinor Bennett ir amlwg, ynghyd 'i chefnogaeth gadarn i'w gŵr, ei chymeriad hwyliog, cynnes ai chred gadarn yn y cyfan y maen ei wneud. Maen gyfrol werthfawr a difyr dros ben.

Sarah Down

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Further Information:
Taut Strings

The contents of a new autobiography published this Christmas will stay in the memory long after the book covers are closed. As a renowned harpist and wife to a prominent politician, busy mother and grandmother, Elinor Bennett Wigley has enjoyed incredible success in her personal and professional life. However the book also recounts some traumatic experiences in her life which many would have found almost impossible to deal with.

In Tannau Tynion, the latest in Gwasg Gwynedds popular Cyfres y Cewri series, the author takes the reader on a journey in her unique writing style from Montgomeryshire to Llanuwchllyn, from Aberystwyth to London, from Merthyr to Bontnewydd in Arfon, and to the international stage.

Looking back at Elinors life evokes memories of key events in Welsh life, both public and private from the harsh winter of 1947 which saw her father leave the farm near Llanidloes, to the fight in vain to save the Tryweryn Valley when the family were living in the house built by O.M. Edwards in Llanuwchllyn, to Elinors illegal broadcasting exploits in her teenage years on behalf of Plaid Cymru.

Cultural life in Llanuwchllyn offered many opportunities but it was the advent of television in the 1950s and a programme presented by harpist Osian Ellis, which proved to be her most significant musical inspiration. As a teenager he was her idol and Elinor wanted to be just like him. Osian Ellis would go on to judge her many times in competitions at the National Eisteddfod before becoming her teacher and helping develop Elinors blossoming career.

For a girl from rural Wales it may come as a surprise to learn how much London has helped shaped her destiny. It was where her father, in 1949, bought her very first harp, and personally transported it back by train to Llanuwchllyn. It was also where she studied at the Royal Academy of Music and met Dafydd for the first time! It was in London that the couple bought their first home and where Elinor played with some of the worlds foremost orchestras. She also made her solo debut there at the Wigmore Hall in 1970.

The family had to relocate from London to Wales in the early 1970s, when Dafydd was appointed as a manager with Hoover in Merthyr. This was a town which Elinor came to love along with its people. Tragically, it was also where her two young sons, Alun and Geraint, were diagnosed with the fatal disease which claimed both their lives at a very young age a tragedy which turned the familys lives upside down.

Many may know her today as Elinor Bennett but it wasnt always so! Following her marriage to Dafydd Wigley her agents Ibbs & Tillett suggested her family name, Bennett Owen, was too long for professional purposes but also advised against changing it to her husbands surname! From that day onwards she adopted two personas, Elinor Bennett the freelance musician and Mrs Wigley the wife. Her brilliant musical career, married and family life, has continued successfully side by side for the last 40 years. During this time Elinor has taught a great number of young harpists including Catrin Finch, now her daughter-in-law.

In the book we also hear her forthright views on a number of matters relating to contemporary Wales from the media to politicians and politics! Elinor, one of the founders of the William Mathias Music Centre in Caernarfon, said, Writing the book has been cathartic and life affirming. It has reminded me that life is good, despite the setbacks. Memories came flooding back as I revisited in my imagination members of my family, which was fascinating. After months of reminiscing and putting pen to paper its high time to look forward to the future once again and face the next challenge and to have fun with the children and grandchildren!
Last Updated on 05 December 2011
There are no Customer Reviews so far for this title.
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