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Bibliographical Information
Piers Griffith - Pirate of Penrhyn 1568-1628
Glenys Mair Lloyd
ISBN: 9780993262708 (0993262708)Publication Date: January 2016 Publisher: Humphreys Signs Ltd
Format: Hardback, 241x162 mm, 410 pages Language: English Available Our Price: £18.00 
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A quest for Piers Griffith, pirate-poet, lord of the manor of Penrhyn and descendant of the Welsh Princes, an Elizabethan courtier and merchant adventurer who led a double life on Her Majesty's Secret Service in the fledgling MI5/6 network of Sir Francis Walsingham, Spymaster. 50 illustrations.

Astudiaeth gynhwysfawr o fywyd Piers Griffith (1568-1628), etifedd Plas y Penrhyn a disgynnydd i dywysogion Cymru, môr-leidr a bardd, aelod o lys y Frenhines Elizabeth I, masnachwr ac anturiwr a oedd yn rhan o gylch dethol Syr Francis Walsingham o ysbïwyr. 50 llun.
Further Information:
'Pirate, poet, landowner, arms dealer, courtier, spendthrift, perhaps a spy, the handsome and charming Piers Griffith was one of the most colourful and mysterious Welshmen of the Elizabethan age. In this lively account Glenys Mair Lloyd takes us on a fascinating quest for the man behind the legends. Drawing on a wealth of historical documents and especially on the Welsh poetry composed by the pirate himself and his contemporaries, she brings vividly to life both Piers and the dangerous times in which he lived.'
Dr Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan.
'Meticulously researched, casting light on Piers Griffith, his world and the people in it. A thoroughly enjoyable read.'
Julia Fox.
'It was a pleasure to read this interesting, original work.'
Dafydd Glyn Jones.
'a masterpiece.' Bethan Mair.
Sylwadau darllenwyr/Readers' comments:
'Dwi'n 'impressed' iawn, iawn Am bwnc diddorol!'/
Very, very impressed... What an interesting Subject!'
Wil Aaron.
'Riveting. Dwi wrth fy modd ym myd Piers a'i gyfoedion.'/ 'Riveting. I loved being inside the world of Piers and his contemporaries.'
Deliah Parry Jones.
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