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This is a list of some of the magazines and periodicals which are available through the Book Council’s Distribution Centre. A full list, and details of the latest editions, can be viewed by clicking the Index by Category button on the left hand menu, and then scrolling down to the Magazines and Periodicals heading.

Contact Details of the Magazines can be found by visiting the Welsh Book Trade Information site.

English-language Magazines

About Wales
The Civic Trust for Wales' occasional magazine. It promotes civic pride as a means to improve the quality of life for all in the places where people live and work, and it encourages community action, good design, sustainable development and respect for the built environment amongst people of all ages.

A English-language magazine produced every season by the Institute of Welsh Affairs. It contains articles relating to many aspects of Welsh life, such as politics, culture, the economy and the environment.

Blue Tattoo
A quarterly, English-language short story magazine, featuring established talent and new voices of Welsh fiction.


Wales's national magazine published bi-monthly. A luxurious English-language publication with full colour pictures dealing with diverse aspects of life in Wales, such as politics, culture and art, the natural world and food, literary and music reviews.

Cardiff's own Litzine, published four times a year, including articles, reviews, short stories, poems and interviews. No longer published.

Contemporary Wales
An annual review of economic, political and social research. Published on behalf of the Board of Celtic Studies of the University of Wales.

Country Quest
The Wales and Borders magazine, established in 1960. Published monthly until December 2008, it included many articles in the English language on topics relating to the Welsh countryside, such as history, the arts, places to visit and places of interest.

Culture Colony Quarterly (CCQ)
Culture Colony Quarterly magazine (CCQ) offers an independent perspective on the arts across a wide range of disciplines, genres and practice. Lively, engaged and conversational, CCQ scans above and below the radar to capture the spirit of the Welsh arts scene - from the big companies to smaller, artist-led projects and individual creative practitioners.

The Evangelical Magazine
An English bi-monthly magazine by the Evangelical Movement of Wales. Produced to promote the Christian faith and to bear witness to acts of faith in Wales, past and present. Every issue includes many interesting articles, news and a letters column.

Kantian Review
The journal aims to publish the best contemporary work on Kant and Kantian issues and places an emphasis on those current philosophical debates which reflect a Kantian influence. Includes full length articles, discussion notes, and reviews of the many books published with a Kantian background.

Leaf Writers' Magazine
A magazine for writers including competitions, writing activities, publisher profiles, details of courses and useful websites. The magazine is published three times a year and provides ideas, advice, inspiration and opportunities to writers.

Mercator Media Forum
An annual journal to promote discussion and the flow of information in the field of media broadly defined to include book publishing, radio and television, newspapers and magazines, archives and libraries, electronic networks and databases.

Natur Cymru / The Nature of Wales
A quarterly bilingual magazine dedicated to the environment and wildlife in Wales. It's aimed at anyone with an interest in nature but is focused on Wales and features articles mainly by people who live and work in Wales. Includes a noticeboard with announcements about upcoming environmental events.

New Welsh Review
A quarterly magazine featuring literary criticism, fiction, poetry and book reviews, details about the theatre, performance, film and art. It casts a challenging, exuberant eye over the literary scene in Wales.

The North American Welsh newspaper, incorpoating Y Drych (Y Drych Americanaidd, established in 1851). Published monthly, it includes news about the Welsh and others with a connection with Wales, who live in North America.

Planet is a quarterly cultural and political magazine that looks at Wales from an international perspective, and at the world from the standpoint of Wales. It publishes high-quality writing, artwork and photography by established and emerging figures, and covers the arts, literature, current events, politics, social justice, minority language and culture, the environment - and more.

Poetry Wales
A national magazine of new poetry, in the English language. As well as the poems, it also includes articles relating to poetry, and reviews of poems and poetry.

Point of View 2: a quarterly film journal for Wales. Includes articles and pictures relating to the film industry.

Studia Celtica
An annual periodical by the Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies. It comprises scholarly articles on diverse aspects of the history and archaeology, language and literature of the Celtic nations, by renowned scholars.

Walking Pages

A colourful quarterly periodical presenting useful and entertaining information to walkers wishing to enjoy the natural splendours of North and Mid Wales, The Marches, Cheshire and Wirral. Details of a variety of walks are included: historical, rural and coastal, walks with dogs and pub walks.

Walking Wales
A quarterly magazine dedicated to walking in Wales. Includes maps and instructions of pleasant routes, pictures and reports by other ramblers, and information on the latest equipment for walkers.

Welsh Art Now
WelshArtNow features art that has a Welsh connection. The aim of the magazine is to increase awareness and understanding of Welsh art and get more people talking about it. WAN also serves as a platform for new art; artists will be challenged to produce new art specific to a magazine format.

Welsh Country
Your countryside magazine for all those that live in or love Wales in glossy full colour. With an eclectic mix of articles including wildlife, walking, food, view from Wales, historical articles, gardening and books written by specialists in their field. Published every two months.

Welsh Football
The independent voice of Welsh soccer. Published every month, it includes the latest news, fixtures and results.

The Welsh Journal of Education / Cylchgrawn Addysg Cymru
Published twice yearly by the University of Wales Press. It contains articles dealing with different fields of education and training, as well as review articles and reviews of publications, particularly of those which relate to education in Wales.

The Welsh History Review / Cylchgrawn Hanes Cymru
A magazine published twice yearly by the University of Wales Press. It contains substantial and academic articles on topics of interest to Welsh history. It also includes many book reviews.

Welsh-language Magazines

Allwedd y Tannau
An annual publication by Cymdeithas Cerdd Dant Cymru. It includes the officials’ reports, results from the latest Cerdd Dant festival, brand new poems and airs, advice for setting eisteddfod test pieces, reviews and articles relating to the art of Cerdd Dant.

A current affairs magazine published every month. It includes interesting articles relating to politics, language, culture, art and sport. It also includes an appendix featuring the theatre.

A quarterly magazine produced by Cymdeithas Cerdd Dafod (Welsh strict metre poetry). Every issue includes many articles concerning bards and poetry, reviews and columns by experienced poets, as well as many poems not previously published. Attention is also given to young and new poets, and poems that came close to winning in many eisteddfod competitions.

Bob Dydd Gyda Iesu
Sixty daily Bible readings on a specific topic. A Welsh translation of Every Day with Jesus by Selwyn Hughes.

Bore Da
An Urdd Gobaith Cymru magazine aimed at primary school Welsh learners, suitable for children in Key Stage 1 and 2. Produced monthly, it contains cartoons, stories, puzzles and letters.

Breizh Llydaw
The Wales-Brittany Society magazine. It includes articles and information in the Welsh and Breton languages.

Cymdeithas y Dysgwyr (CYD) magazine, published every season. A free magazine for Welsh speakers and learners.

A monthly magazine full of life and colour aimed at Welsh speaking children. Created by Urdd Gobaith Cymru, it incorporates Cymru’r Plant, the popular periodical for children founded in the 1920s. Includes articles, stories, competitions and many more activities to interest children.

Clinc-R is an alternative music magazine published by the Gwallgofiaid; it's aim is to promote young and new bands in the Blaenau Ffestiniog area and beyond. Includes news, articles, reviews, interviews, packed with colour photographs.

A magazine published every season for Christians and those wishing to learn about the Christian faith in Wales and beyond. It includes news, articles, reviews and devotional material.

Y Cylchgrawn Efengylaidd
A quarterly magazine produced by the Evangelical Movement of Wales, which deals with many aspects of Christianity in Wales. It includes news, articles, reviews and a childrens’ section, all aiming promote the Christian faith and to bear witness to acts of faith.

Y Casglwr
Cymdeithas Bob Owen’s quarterly magazine, which deals with collecting all sorts of material associated with the Welsh life, especially Welsh literature and cultural material.

Media Wales Journal, which pays attention to material such as television, film, radio, journalism, performance and new media. Includes many substantial articles and reviews.

Cymru a’r Môr / Maritime Wales
An annual journal comprising diverse and interesting articles dealing with various aspects of maritime history and the life of seamen in Wales from earliest times until the present.

An annual publication funded by the Theological Department, Guild of Graduates of the University of Wales. It includes interesting articles relating to many aspects of Christian theology, as well as book reviews.

Efrydiau Athronyddol
An annual periodical published by the Philosophy Department, Guild of Graduates of the University of Wales. It includes interesting articles relating to many aspects of philosophy.

Ein Gwlad / Ours Alone
A journal of Welsh nationalistic writing. It’s published each season, and includes articles, book reviews and a letters column dealing with many aspects of Wales’s life, history and politics.

Yr Enfys
Journal of Undeb Cymru a’r Byd (Wales International). It includes articles, columns, letters, reviews and obituaries of the Welsh and others with a connection with Wales, who live in all corners of the world. A bilingual magazine which includes many pictures.

Y Faner Newydd
An independent Welsh magazine that offers a different view of matters relating to Wales and the world. It was founded to be a medium to voice an independent opinion on topics such as broadcasting, literature, history, art, science and current affairs.

Fferm a Thyddyn
A magazine published twice a year by Cymdeithas Hanes Amaethyddiaeth Cymru (Wales’s agricultural history society). It includes articles, columns, reminiscences and letters relating to agriculture and countryside customs in Wales.

Gair y Dydd
Daily devotional reading published four times a year (three months at a time). Published by the Bible readings committee on behalf of the Presbyterian Church of Wales, the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, the Church in Wales, Union of the Welsh Independents and the Baptist Union of Wales.

Y Glec
A Welsh-language magazine for aficionados of strict-metre poetry.

Y Gwyliedydd
A bimonthly magazine by the Welsh Wesleyan Methodists. It includes news from Methodist chapels across Wales, articles, meditations and devotions, and a letters column.

A monthly magazine by Urdd Gobaith Cymru aimed at Welsh learners, containing information, pictures, interviews, cartoons and activities for children. Suitable for second-language Welsh pupils in Key Stage 3 and 4.

Lingo Newydd
A bimonthly easy Welsh magazine for learners. Includes short articles, interviews and stories, colour coded to indicate the difficulty of the vocabulary. With full colour pictures.

An annual publication which appears every summer during the National Eisteddfod. It includes many stories and cartoons satirizing Welsh celebrities.

Llafar Gwlad
A magazine about country life in Wales. Includes articles and stories about life and customs of the past, folklore and reminiscences of life in rural Wales. With an appropriate selection of black-and-white photographs.

Llên Cymru
A substantial volume published annually by the Board of Celtic Studies, the University of Wales. An academic volume featuring several aspects of Welsh literature. Includes many articles by experienced literary critics, notes, reviews and a list of research theses in the making in Welsh departments of the University of Wales.

Y Naturiaethwr
A magazine by Cymdeithas Edward Llwyd, the Welsh national naturalists society. It includes articles and reports relating to the natural world, and also includes full colour photographs.

Y Papur Gwyrdd
A bimonthly independent Welsh-medium ecological magazine containing news and ideas from Wales and around the world regarding the campaign to save the Earth from the extremes of Climate Change and to urge a new relationship between people and the Earth.

Y Tafod
A bimonthly magazine by Cymdeithas yr Iaith Cymraeg (Welsh Language Society). It includes news regarding the Cymdeithas campaigns, information about forthcoming events and also various articles and reviews.

The Welsh Academy's literary magazine. It deals with prose and poetry, including studies and new pieces - a number of which reflect the response of authors and poets to works of art - and a vast number of reviews.

Wales’s oldest magazine; founded in 1845 to provide a service to religion, theology, philosophy and literature. Its main aim today is to offer discussions on a vast range of topics relating to ‘culture’, in the widest sense.

Tu Chwith
A magazine dealing with the arts in the modern Wales. Created by young people for (mainly) young people. Each edition has its own theme, and it includes poetry in both strict metre and vers libre, and prose of different genres.

A magazine concentrating on stories from Wales's countryside. A lively and engaging magazine, established in August 2009, during the National Eisteddfod of Wales's visit to Bala.

Y Wawr
A magazine published by Merched y Wawr (the Welsh women's movement) which appears every season. It includes interesting articles, stories, news, reviews and quizzes.

Wcw a’i Ffrindiau
A monthly magazine full of life and colour aimed at young Welsh children. It includes stories with pictures, cartoons, pictures to be coloured, and quizzes.